Jefferson County BZA/Regional Planning Commission Meeting

Date: Jul 25th, 2017 {6:00 p.m.}
Location: Jefferson County Courthouse Main Courtroom
202 W. Main St
Dandridge, TN

Meeting called by Chairman/Mr. Terry Reneau.

A meeting of the Jefferson County Board of Zoning Appeals will be held at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, July 25, 2017 at the courthouse in Dandridge. The meeting of the Jefferson County Regional Planning Commission will immediately follow.


I. Call to Order

II. Minutes

III. Citizens Input

IV. Request for a front setback variance of 13-15 feet for a garage on property located at 1729 Bonanza Trail, Dandridge by Paul Kennard (Map 084B Group B Parcel 001.00)

V. Request for a 10 feet front setback variance for the house to beconstructed on Lot 40 The Peninsulas on Douglas Lake - Emerald Pointe Blvd, by Joseph & Tami McCabe (Map 089O Group A Parcel 040.00)

VI. Adjournment


I. Call to Order

II. Minutes

III. Citizen Input

IV. New Business

A. Site plan review for a proposed restaurant on W. Hwy 25/70, Dandridge by Hubert Vickers (Map 065 a portion of Parcel 081.00)

B. Site plan review for a storage building to be located at 1924 E. Hwy 25/70, Dandridge by Holly Long (Map 070 Parcel 023.00)

V. Other Business

VI. Adjournment

Stephanie Rustin, Assistant to the Jefferson County Compliance Officer
(865) 397-4414