Voting Precincts and Districts

The two links below will allow the Jefferson County voter to ascertain which political jurisdictions they live within based on their current residential address. Each voter has been mailed a voter registration card when they registered containing their voting precinct and corresponding district numbers listed on the back of the card. If you do not have a current voter registration card then we encourage you to call our office and request a new one. Once you know your Voting Precinct, open the top election district link.

Your Precinct, U.S. House District, State House District, State Senate District, County Commission District, Road Commission District, School Board District, Constable District, Address of your Precinct, and any corresponding city within your precinct will be identified.

 As you will notice, some of the precincts indicate multiple districts within the categories of US House and State House Districts because your precinct is split. Jefferson County is unique in that our county has multiple U.S. Congressional Districts (District 1 and 2) and State House Districts (District 11 and 17). You can only live in one or the other of each. However, you do not have to guess which one you live within if you will look at your voter registration card. The correct district will be listed on your card. Since the implementation of the Photo ID law in Tennessee in 2012, you do not have to have a voter registration card in order to vote, but it is an important piece of information for the correct identification of your voting information as well as containing your voter registration number.

 The second link pulls up the District Map of our county to give you a visual of what is being described in the District Chart. You will see how multiple County Commission Districts make up the School Board and Road Commission Districts. We hope that these two tools will help you with identifying your correct voting districts. As always, we encourage you to call our office at 865-397-3440 if you have any questions.

Click here to download a list of the election districts in Jefferson County.

Click here to download a map of the County Commission (election districts) districts in Jefferson County.